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~ tersenyum di bawah mentari ~

yuhuu my larva lurve ,
i'm having a tired + great = happy day yesterday...

bcox of her , i will do everything..
have an appoinment with her to give her some document..
almost a year i din meet her..
so , u know how much i misz her rite?
haha waiting for her msg make me sleep n dream of her..
5.23pm receive mesej from her to meet at petronas at 5.45pm..
dup dap dup dap waiting for her..
huh she's there but we din talk a lot..
cox sum1 there n make me shy..
even i know u r like chipsmore in my life :)

thanx for helping me
serius i misz u , happy to see u..
take care..
the word that i really misz is when u call me "my dear"

dunia fantasi ini milik kyla