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hitam bertambah kilat...

hyep are u?
mesti ta sihat la , kan ila dah lame x update..
eh x la lame sangat..baru 2 3 ary je kot..

hurmm last tuesday , my family n i going for a picnik..we went to TELUK BATIK...
so syokk..actually i realy dun wanna "bath"..but wat to do , i din go there for a long time..
the sea is shouting calling my i just play d water..
lastly i surrender..hehe..oke i syokk..
it takes a long time for me to take care of my sweet black skin..
and now , bcox of the sea my skin bcome more saddd..
ohh fair n lovely , please help me to get my old skin colour back..

after bath , my relatives slow..
we were going to pack our thing..then , we go to my relatives shop..
i gossiping with my kupu-kupu duapupu..
next we back to their house..
i meet a realy cute garfield but black in colour..
i play with sweet..
daddy , i wanna this hamster.. pleaseeeeeee..
NO , U CAN'T...
my tears wanna go out...
oke , think positive..
i'm "mangsa PLKN 2011"..later if i go to PLKN who will take care of my hamster rite..
huaaaaaaaaaa so saddddd...

dunia fantasi ini milik kyla

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