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cinta kadang2 indah

hello hello...
i'm here u there..
okay class , opic for today is CINTA KAU DAN AKU..
its about us actually...
who is he???
my scandal k..
he's not my real special boyfriend..
nothing special about him and a lot of hurt from him..
haha how stupid i am to love him rite??

hey , u know what , since i met him at my house last time , he became so sweet...
just imagine since i back to the hostel , everynight i call him and he sang like crazy people to me...
all the song is really sweet but when he sing it...hhuuu

his new favourite song CARTA HATI by NAJWA LATIF..
the song is like our story lorh...
juz wanna tell u all about it..

i thought we are like a loving couple..we talk everything we
share everything..
sweet rite..huh don't be jealous cause we are nothing..

haha my fon wallpaper...
but not now k..

just for fun...

** no relationship between us except friend okay !

dunia fantasi ini milik kyla

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